Monday, June 04, 2007

Here are two classrooms at CISA language school In this photo one class is directly above the other and they are open air. Very cute and efficient. Classes are small with no more than 3 students to a teacher. Often just one student to a teacher. This gives you the most intensive course possible.

I have recommended CISA and I totally believe that this is the best place to learn Spanish in the most beautiful setting, with wonderful instructors in Costa Rica. If you want a real cultural experience, that is not in gringo Costa Rica, this is it, the real deal, in rural Costa Rica. You will learn sooooo much more than just Spanish. Like April, you will not want to go home.

Here is Hector modeling his 3-D glasses while April and I sort through the art supplies envisioning how excited the children will be.

Hector is the director of the mission and all of it's facilities. He and Daniel, the co-director, do a marvelous job of providing for the handicapped indigenous of the Cabecar tribe. April is their wonderful assistant who volunteered for a year and will now be staying on full time as we just heard that she is getting married to a Costa Rican young man that she met during her stay here. Congratulations April, he is a very lucky man, and we are blessed that you will be staying.

Zach Baker read my blog, gathered up a box of precious professional art supplies and mailed them to me in Costa Rica. What a surprise when a small postal van with two men pulled up to our house in Atirro and blew their horn. This is the first time a postal van has ever been here. We went out to greet them and to our surprise we had a very heavy big box from New York City.

I called the Mission right away and off we went to visit the wonderful folks at Voz Que Clama Mission in Tuis. I love this place and these people, they do so much good working with the handicapped Cabecar Indigenous and the children. This is a very busy time for them as they have two different missionary families of about 13 people studying Spanish at the mission’s language school. Never a dull moment for Hector, Daniel, and their assistant April.

We gathered around the box and opened it up with excitement, it was just like Christmas. Wonderful brushes, paints of all colors, artist pencils, acrylic paints, sculpting knives, a chess set and very cute 3 D glasses that we just could not resist wearing immediately. How fun.

Thank you, Zach Baker, for your kindness and generosity. It is acts of kindness such as this that makes a difference in the lives of others here in southern Costa Rica. This summer the mission will work with their poor rural and indigenous children and these supplies will inspire the children and touch their hearts. Thank you so very much!