Monday, December 11, 2006

Animal abuse in Costa Rica is abundant, rampant, ugly and vial! You can't be a good person and poison animals. Our dear friend's dog was poisoned and they are heartbroken. They live an hour away from us in LaFlor Pariaso. Alison is a dog rescue person, a wonderful loving lady who helps her community, feeds the hungry, and runs clinics for animals and people. How dare someone poison her sweet dog. This horrible act is just wrong and criminal. Why are a small group of evil people allowed to violate the moral code of others? I am looking forward to justice, these folks need a trip to the reckoning kibbutz.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Transporting a container or vehicle is a tedious job. In trying to perfect this process I have learned a lot. Crowley lost a document necessary for the release of the vehicle. I need to present the original which traveled with the vehicle via Crowley, but Crowley lost the original which means I had to get another original. After a morning of where is it, and which shipment are we talking about, I spent the afternoon getting a new notorized original, borrowing a scanner to fax the original, and then sending the new original via FedEx to Limon for only $79.10 USD. Are you kidding me? Crowley screws up and I have to pay $79.10 for one skinny piece of paper? I don't think so, the wasted day was a freebie, but I want reimbursed for my dollars, deduct this charge from my bill before paying Crowley is what I directed Puerto Limon Agency to do. Thank you.

Lessons learned:

  • Get a receipt for each and every shipping document you give your shipper.
  • Scan every document into your computer, the laptop that you will carry with you, not your packed desk top.
  • Remember, the notorization is only about your signature, not the content of the document.
  • Sign in blue ink.
Bad things happen in beautiful places. Mauricio is one of our workers, who lost his leg in an industrial accident. Two nights ago robbers killed his dog with poisoned meat and then stole his quad-cycle, his only means of getting around, it was the families only transportation. Stealing an amputees only means of transportation is despicable enough, but killing the beloved dog is so wrong. Something in the core of your soul is missing when there is no regard for life.

What action will the police take? I won't speculate on that. This is a strong family, I expect they will not sit still for long. There are only 14 houses in this town, so who would do such a thing? Probably a good friend of a townie, perhaps it was even a conspiracy amongst little men. Only a pathetic little man would murder the family dog and steal the transportation of a physically challenged man who is trying to provide for his wife and child. I am disgusted and sad.

The petty theft that happens in Costa Rica undermines the effort of the hardworking good people. It seems that the police view common crime, theft and assaults as tolerable; as in, so what do you want me to do about it? As a foreigner I find the acceptance of assults and theft too commonplace, but hey, they are poor and you have stuff. As a Tico, who has struggled to get what little he has, I will guess that this family will be sad, then mad, and we may see some vengeance. News travels quickly from town to town, it has already been reported that at 1AM the quad was heard and we know what direction it was going. If insufficient information fails to produce results, I think a reward will bring information as there is no honor among thieves.

Mauricio has had a bad year. He and his wife lost a child, he lost his leg and his job, but he has great inner strength and a really good attitude. His positive attitude was one of the first things I noticed as I watched him exercise his stump while he lay on the sofa. He was determined to make the most of his future.

Everyone was moping around today. It is the death of Theo the dog that has brought all of the tears. Theo deserved so much more.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

To date I have shipped three different shipments from Port Everglades in Florida, to Puerto Limon. I made a fantastic decision to do buisness with Puerto Limon Agency, they have taken care of my business and given me star treatment on their end. If you are shipping a container, these folks are as good as it gets. My choice to do business with Crowley because they are in Fort Lauderdale has not been as satisfying. Three shipments with reservations, three times not put on their ship even with a reservation, therefore arriving a week after they should have. 3 for 3 is not a good score on Crowley's part. Why did I have to race against the clock to have the container picked up, when two weeks later it continues to sit in Port Everglades.

I just received a call from Mike at the Agency, shipment #2 just arrived. Bravo! Bravo! My husband's beloved truck made it. He really loves this truck, it is almost like he gave birth to it. It was his first new truck, his first diesel truck, he designed the custom bed, and it had something experimental about it, but I can not remember what. It is his baby. I believe it will be very handy for hauling stuff, or cows and goats. If it is ever going to get to the land we will need to build a bridge where their was one before it washed away.

Phil was going to our land this week on the public road and the well traveled bridge by the coffee mill had boards missing. He turned around and went back to the house. When bridges don't work in CR the busses simply stop at the bridge, the people exit and walk across to the bus on the other side and continue with their journey. We have crossed some bridges (with this bus scenerio) where we held our breath and prayed. We came to one and Phil was surprised that it was still in disrepair. Oh geez I don't want to drive across this again, he said. But we did, with great care. I always love it when the vehicle in front of you stops, someone gets out, moves the boards or steel plates around, blesses themselves, motions and directs the truck as it picks it's way across. Oh Lord Jesus please save us all I pray. It is a good thing Phil is driving, because I close my eyes. He would like to close his, but he can't. Never a dull moment in a developing nation.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My attorney and I met and he agreed to do the legal work for my 501c3 charitable foundation for the purpose for educating the poor rural children of Costa Rica.

John Stossel did a show on 20/20 this week, titled, Cheap in America. We have so much, blessed beyond belief. John says many American people are cheap when it comes to giving. Why is that? Is it true? Do you think it is true?

I think that many people want their money to be used for it's intended purpose, not for overhead. We also believe that is how to run a charity. We give of our time, energy and money. As volunteers we receive the reward of camaraderie, and the feeling of accomplishment, we have also found and honed personal strengths and traits that we did not know we had. How rewarding is that?

Phil and I were host parents sharing our home with young adults from all over the world. We were able to take 16 at a time. We had a dinner party every night, buffet style. It was a wonderful time, never a boring moment. Memories came flooding back while packing up as I found and read little notes that my kids left for me. I have not changed my email address for all of these years so that they could always find me. There lives are busy, finishing school at various universities around the world, or working at their professions. At least one (from Latvia) has married and lives in California now. Taka wanted to be a major leaguer. We still hear from some, and I wish I knew the fate of several others.

When you give a little, you get a lot. We learned that years ago with all of our kids. I worried about remembering their names, not only were they hard to pronounce, but there were 16 of them. The Saudi's were easy, they were all named either Hamid or Mohammid and they were always male. Women were not worthy and I will say no more on that subject today other than, we again learned the most.

I think I am a crafty person. When my children were small I always made them something personal for Christmas. Dolls, hand sculpted dolls, dolls with outfits that matched their outfit. I like handmade gifts, gifts from the heart, they mean more to me, and I hope to others. Gifts of food were also special and important. I have made thousands of cupcakes this far in my life.

A request has come in that we buy a pinata for the end of the year party. I will make one, I never have but, no problem. We need to have some classes in creativity. When you have creativity, you don't need money. Not much money anyway. I bought hard wrapped candies for the pinata. I think I should make two of them, one for the older children and one for the little ones. We hope to organize community participation for the decor. How many children will we have? Perhaps I will be the one who is surprised. What if they can not break the pinata open? I have never made one before, this is going to be exciting. As usual I will be the one who learns the most, I am sure. I will let you know.