Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bad things happen in beautiful places. Mauricio is one of our workers, who lost his leg in an industrial accident. Two nights ago robbers killed his dog with poisoned meat and then stole his quad-cycle, his only means of getting around, it was the families only transportation. Stealing an amputees only means of transportation is despicable enough, but killing the beloved dog is so wrong. Something in the core of your soul is missing when there is no regard for life.

What action will the police take? I won't speculate on that. This is a strong family, I expect they will not sit still for long. There are only 14 houses in this town, so who would do such a thing? Probably a good friend of a townie, perhaps it was even a conspiracy amongst little men. Only a pathetic little man would murder the family dog and steal the transportation of a physically challenged man who is trying to provide for his wife and child. I am disgusted and sad.

The petty theft that happens in Costa Rica undermines the effort of the hardworking good people. It seems that the police view common crime, theft and assaults as tolerable; as in, so what do you want me to do about it? As a foreigner I find the acceptance of assults and theft too commonplace, but hey, they are poor and you have stuff. As a Tico, who has struggled to get what little he has, I will guess that this family will be sad, then mad, and we may see some vengeance. News travels quickly from town to town, it has already been reported that at 1AM the quad was heard and we know what direction it was going. If insufficient information fails to produce results, I think a reward will bring information as there is no honor among thieves.

Mauricio has had a bad year. He and his wife lost a child, he lost his leg and his job, but he has great inner strength and a really good attitude. His positive attitude was one of the first things I noticed as I watched him exercise his stump while he lay on the sofa. He was determined to make the most of his future.

Everyone was moping around today. It is the death of Theo the dog that has brought all of the tears. Theo deserved so much more.

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