Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A short slippery rock climb up and through a cool mountain stream brings you to this amazing waterfall on our farm.
Turrialba's weekend farmer's market.  Everything you can imagine and more.  Fresh produce, chicken, and the very famous Turrialba cheese.

At the base of majestic mountains flows the Rio Atirro. Its fast moving water is cool and refreshing, and the perfect reward after a long days work. Alan's first full day at Finca Quijote was labor intensive, and included hauling buckets of sand from the river, finishing the installation of a kitchen sink, and touring the farm. In the afternoon Matt and Alan took the dogs to the river and spent some peaceful time reflecting on the day.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Matt adventuring into and across the river, exploring the wonders of our rainforest farm and jungle.
How do you finish off a hard day of farming?  By gathering guavas and making guava jam of course.  Farm hand work is never done and Alan has the job of totally making the jam while I cook dinner.
Alan has the lead and Marcos our head man is bringing up the rear of the herd as they head past my house and towards the town.  It is a long and winding road that crosses over many streams before they get to the new pasture.

This week the men opened up a new pasture after fencing it and stringing barbed wire.  Then comes the fun part, driving the cows from a pasture at one end of our farm down the road, through the town of Esperanza and on to the new pasture.  The locals clear their children out of the street and watch the cow parade complete with cowboys.  I find it exciting to watch them coming down the road.  Alan Eaglewolf, a guest worker at our farm is leading the herd.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Carlos is picking his way across the Rio Oro.  The river is very cool and refreshing...