Friday, October 03, 2008

Bubba is a laid back water dog who seizes every opportunity to lay in a steam, puddle, mud, or roll in something disgusting. His mother is Perla, the predictable rottweiler, (I predict she will bite you), her father is Ralph, a neighboring retriever who had a thing for Perla. He was probably a nice guy, we never really liked him. We did not dislike him, we just did not like him. Fortunately for all concerned, Bubba does not have her mother’s fierceness and is a very sweet, funny guy. He is also smart and knows how to open doors, and tear into the dog food bag at will. Last night he ate the crotch out of a perfectly good pair of my underwear. What a guy!

The volcano is peaking out above the clouds. This photo is looking down from the horse pasture. Our various buildings are in this photo. Lots of roofing is showing, we wish it were not so visible but you must have dry space in the rainforest or you will begin to mold. Perhaps when all of the roofing is painted the same color green the buildings will drucken.

It’s a boy!!!

Early this morning in the predawn hours our filly gave birth to her second baby. An absolutely beautiful stallion who’s father is a Spanish Pasafino. The baby has the most beautiful graded coloring with a white blaze on his face. We brought a special breakfast to Lluvia and a bucket of fresh picked guavas. The other horses were fed at the trough, but Lluvia did not want to join them. She is calm, but protective of her baby. I was surprised to see she let her daughter, the yearling, sniff the newborn colt.