Sunday, December 23, 2012

Costa Rican Chameleon

Felipe says, he met this fellow while pruning the landscape.  The Costa Rican Chameleon showed his true colors....both brown and green.

 From left to right, Evalina, Karolis, Sallu, Umar and my husband Felipe.  We are about to have our organic farm lunch using the veggies we grow and our homemade bread.  Sallu and Umar made the floral arrangements.
The floral arrangements are sooooo sweet.  They make life a little more beautiful...if that is possible.

Our wonderful wwoofers in the Greenhouse

Karolis and Evelina are from Lithuania.  They are traveling around the world and are 1/2 way through their journey.  Umar and Sallu are Agro Engineering students at EARTH University.  Their home is Sierra Leone, but for 5 years while studying they are living in Costa Rica.