Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday, April 01, 2016

Rainforest Vacations in Paradise

Casa Quijote,  is now open for your adventurous most awesome vacation in pristine nature.  Located on the edge of our 1200 acre Rainforest farm, Finca Quijote.   Come explore or trails, hike, visit the breath taking waterfalls and swim in the nateral pools of pure spring water.  Play or swim in our rivers, maybe you will find gold at the Rio Oro.

We can arrange your White Water River Rafting trip and a Canyoning Adventure you will never forget with the local professionals.  Visit Guaybo and learn about our indigenous culture.  You may see indigenous passing through the farm each day.

Farm style meals are served family style in the Rancho 3 times a day.  Chef Erika prepares healthy meals using tropical veggies that grow on the farm or are locally sourced.  New culinary adventures with fruits and vegetables you may be new to.  Tropical farm fusion at it's finest.  Homemade breads, desserts, and just made ice creams are a whole other farm adventure awaiting you.  Of couse we always have a fresh pot of Costa Rican coffee brewing.

Mi Casa es Su Casa, come visit us in paradise.

Our beautiful beefy bull

All of our cows and bull are grass fed with various high protein organic grasses raised for them.  These are pampered,  healthy livestock living in paradise.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

New pastures and wild animals.

We cut this road ro improve pastures and give access to vistas.  Now we are planting fruit trees, high protein grasses and vetevier.  It is beautiful up there.  A black jaguar has been sited and white faced monkeys. We have wild pigs, Anteaters,  and mountain lions too.

Casa Quijote, Boutique Hostel, rural lodging.

Finca Quijote has lodging and awesome farm food for your next visit.  Make your reservations, come and see the real Costa Rica.  Hike to our waterfalls, follow our trails, swim in natural pools at the falls and in our pure river.