Thursday, December 07, 2006

Transporting a container or vehicle is a tedious job. In trying to perfect this process I have learned a lot. Crowley lost a document necessary for the release of the vehicle. I need to present the original which traveled with the vehicle via Crowley, but Crowley lost the original which means I had to get another original. After a morning of where is it, and which shipment are we talking about, I spent the afternoon getting a new notorized original, borrowing a scanner to fax the original, and then sending the new original via FedEx to Limon for only $79.10 USD. Are you kidding me? Crowley screws up and I have to pay $79.10 for one skinny piece of paper? I don't think so, the wasted day was a freebie, but I want reimbursed for my dollars, deduct this charge from my bill before paying Crowley is what I directed Puerto Limon Agency to do. Thank you.

Lessons learned:

  • Get a receipt for each and every shipping document you give your shipper.
  • Scan every document into your computer, the laptop that you will carry with you, not your packed desk top.
  • Remember, the notorization is only about your signature, not the content of the document.
  • Sign in blue ink.

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