Monday, March 12, 2007

This is Mikhol, one of our workers and son of our caretaker. Today while working down by the river Mikhol found this poisonous snake, a Terciopelo or Fer-de-Lance as it is known. He calls Phil on the cell phone and wants to know, do we want him to catch it or kill it?


Anonymous said...

What to do if you encounter a snake? Walk around the snake giving it a little berth—six feet is plenty. Leave it alone and don’t try to catch it. Remember: indiscriminately killing snakes disturbs the ecological balance and in Costa Rica snakes are protected under the law, Ley de Conservacion de Fauna Silvestre #6919.

Ginnee said...

That is great advice, but does not work well for men in the jungle. There is not 6 feet of open space in the thicket of a jungle and much of it is verticle. Boas are welcomed, they feel differently about Fer de Lance.

I try not to judge what they must do to survive their immediate situation.