Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I just made perfect whole wheat pita’s. What fun! They cook up in less than 6 minutes and taste fantastic. I will give the recipe’s owner his due credit, Saad Fayed, this is a wonderful recipe. Here is the link for all of you who want to try, do it, you will be amazed. I love Middle Eastern food and Pita’s have so many uses. We will have these for dinner this evening with pickled onions and kalabasa sausage with greens.

I love to cook, and out here in the middle of nowhere, it is nice to have those things that make you smile. Like, organic whole wheat pita fresh from your oven with something wonderful tucked inside. They remind me of my young hippie days at rock concerts. Now we are just old hippies, living off the grid because we want to get away from noise, the rat race (rats never win), and do something meaningful in our lives.

Today my husband Felipe and his men are mining sand out of the river. There is none to be bought, so they strung up a cable, like a zip line and they fill buckets with sand and zip back across the river right into the back of our big truck. One Home Depot bucket at a time, my walls will soon have enough sand to be plastered. Yes!!!