Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Adventures of Don Mark, an ongoing saga

Webster’s version of a mark, a target.

Don Mark, not his real name, is that target. It has been said by others, that all Americans in a foreign land, are just another mark. Is that true? It could be true……

The first man to ride up on a horse with it’s filly along side said to Don Mark, I have a horse for you. And so Don Mark then owned a horse, a filly and it’s tack. Word gets around and man #2 rides up with a horse for sale. Don Mark now owns 3 horses. Such a deal.

Man #2 talks Don Mark into buying baby cows that he is not yet ready for. Word of advice, don’t buy cows that you are not ready for. They are not self-starting, self herding, they are needy dependants! Giving birth could be easier and that is not my idea of a good time.

Don Mark continues to add to his bounty, in addition to the cows and horses (they are nice quality animals in all fairness), Don Mark now owns 9 dogs, and sacks full of live chickens. No no no, not beautiful chicken’s with colored eggs, and fine fancy beautiful feathers, but skinny, tough, I can not swallow the beastie yard-bird chickens. Okay, to be honest, I have not seen the chickens yet, but I am betting this is how the chicken adventure will go down.

I do always try to be totally fair with my assessment of things. Brutally blunt, but fair would accurately describe me.

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