Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On Saturday morning at the local one room schoolhouse in Esperanza, my daughter Erika and I disbursed gifts of school supplies, school uniforms, and shoes that were donated to us by good people doing great work. The Badgett family from New Jersey brought school uniforms that were given to them by a co worker of Randi’s. Thank you so much for all you have done. Please pass our thanks on to your generous co-worker.

Our friend Mike, my shipping agent, who lives in Cartago and his assistant Suzanne, gathered school supplies, pencils, crayons, sharpeners, notebooks and lots more. Each child received a bag to start them off that also included a toothbrush to go with the school supplies.

Suzanne gathered clothing and shoes from her relatives. Every pair found feet to fit them. Another anonymous woman delivered bags of clothing to the Pura Vida Hotel in Alejuala www. puravidahotel.com and we dispersed those items one by one to people we knew they would fit and who needed them.

Angie is in love with her black sneakers and “new” clothes. She desperately needed your help. You did all of the work, and I received the hugs, kisses and lots of warm wishes.

We have not seen shoes on Steven for some time now. His feet fit a pair of blue flip-flops and he is proud to have them.


It has been cold on our mountain and because of your generosity I have been able to give sweaters and sweatshirts to cold shivering children. Last night I gave four gifts of warmth to little children who were very cold. We want to thank each one of you for enabling our project so that we can help the rural poor and indigenous.

We took photos of the children so that you could see your efforts at work. We ran out of navy blue pants and skirts. The airlines embargo on luggage has hurt the availability of donations. There appear to be more children who will attend the Esperanza school this year and there are always more that will arrive in the first week and throughout the year.

We have reserved supplies to go to the reservation with the indigenous teacher. He will pack them up on his back, an 8 hour, very difficult trip. School starts about the second week of February and ends in December. I will send my camera up with him and hope to receive some great photos.

We all thank you so very much.

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