Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It’s a boy!!! At about 8AM on Sunday February 1st, our cow, number 71, gave birth to a baby toro. Our first baby boy calf has arrived and he is very sweet. Today when the herd came for breakfast, Mom left her day old baby standing alone. She is a first time Mom so she has a few things to learn. Our farm manager Marcos went and picked up the very heavy little guy (Marcos is very strong) and he carried him over to the truck, handed him off to Felipe (my husband) and then Marcos sat in the truck and Felipe handed the calf back to him. The baby immediately peed on Marcos. Well, it is a baby and it was scared, Marcos did not smell like Mom, and it was his first truck ride.

Immediately following the birth we started taking photos, the umbilical cord was still hanging. Mom allow other cows to sniff and then lick her calf. The neighbors from town all walked up to the pasture to get a look. Esperanza is a small town (44 people according to a government agency) and exciting news travels fast. Babies of all kinds are exciting news in our neck of the rainforest. Of course ours is the most beautiful baby, que lindo.

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Michelle said...

Yay, that is a nice calf. Congrats :)