Saturday, July 14, 2012

Volunteers at our farm, Claire and Ethan, have been busy building our bamboo greenhouse using Guadua bamboo grown here at the farm.   Seen here working on the herb spiral.  Soon tons of herbs, eggplant, tomatoes, and other crops needing a dryer climate, will be thriving in their new shelter.

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PayItForward Anastasia said...

Warm regards Ginnee and Felipe

Thanks again for your kind hospitality to Doug and I back in February.

I so enjoyed your pemaculture paradise! You guys remain in my thoughts as a warm and valuable experience of LIFE, and thus in appreciation of your hospitality and appreciation of your work, I would (via a Cooperative PLATFORM of Sustainability Partnerships) be happy to bring additional attention from your target audience if you like.

My heartfelt gift is free of any cost or expectations, feel free to visit my site to see if there is something of use to you, as I am not privy to any updates you may have since we last spoke.

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