Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This morning I had a meeting with John Fisher john@ccfsf.org at Christian Community Foundation of South Florida to learn more about how to set up my 501c3 and fund my mission to help the poor rural children and their families through education and a scholarship program. How do ordinary people like you and me direct our money to our choice of missions and reduce our capital gains tax? You can find answers at http://www.ccfsf.org/. Are you selling a home or business? Would you like to have some of your money go to a charity of your choice rather than to the IRS? That is my objective. I see so much need in my new country, how can I make a difference? I can set up the 501c3 and ask you to help me. Like most Americans, we all have too much stuff. Talk to your friends and family; ask them to donate their sewing machines, laptops and children’s books so that our volunteers can teach with educational tools. You will change a family’s life forever while freeing up some space in your casa.

Don’t forget to explore the possibilities of how to redirect your tax dollars in advance. It is important to investigate, understand and take action before you get to the contract stage of your sale.

We have drop off collection points not far from the San Jose airport in Santa Ana and Escazu, friends helping friends, to facilitate our dream of making a difference in the lives of others less fortunate. Contact me for more information, ginnee@gmail.com. If you are visiting Costa Rica please bring a suitcase of supplies for the poor rural children and consider coming to visit us for a real rural experience in what we believe is the most breathtakingly beautiful part of rural Costa Rica, Esperanza de Turrialba. It is difficult for us to bring items in because of the transportation cost factor. If you can help by packing some items in your luggage or carry on, you will make a difference. Let me thank you now, for your help.


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