Sunday, October 29, 2006

My husband Phil spent the day beginning to unload the container and feathering our nest. It was a good day for him. Our neighbor came over and introduced himself and his family. I asked Phil if our neighbor was bilingual and Phil said no, but I am. I am so proud of Phil; he has worked studiously the last two years to get to this point. His Spanish vocabulary is excellent and he has become comfortable in his skin. My husband dreams out loud. For quite sometime he has been dreaming out loud in Spanish. That was a major turning point in his life, he flowed into Spanish while sleeping. I knew he had turned the corner of bilingualism, but he can never remember the dreams and did not know that he had arrived. It is never dull at our house. Remind me to tell you about the various invasions of Cuba; those were before he spoke Spanish.

We have a new member of the family, Pobrecita, (poor little thing). She is a young dog, a Heinz 57 variety with a beard and hound dog ears. She was starving to death, as so many Costa Rican dogs are. Just a skeleton with skin, too weak to lift her head, he thought she would die before the weekend was over. But a week later and with daily doses of food and love she is running around joyfully happy. Her new daddy is equally excited; tomorrow she gets a bath, a collar, and starts riding next to her dad in the pickup truck. It doesn’t get any better than that. Soon she will be joined by her big brother Jack, our rescued Rottweiler. Life is good.

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