Monday, November 06, 2006

Getting the second container packed without my dear husband heading up that project is a challenge. I am purchasing equipment I know little or nothing about while hoping I select the right thing is a heavy responsibility. I can not exchange a mistake from another country. I have been very lucky to have met nice folks who have helped me make good choices.

We have a Ford two wheel drive tractor that has served us well for many years. We were not going to take it with us because we really need a 4 wheel drive tractor, but we own it, haven’t sold it, and there is enough room in the container to take it. Every day that goes by we need a tractor to move dirt, fix a road or move a load. Sure the labor is relatively cheap, but why wear it out. There is too much work to be done to hope that it will happen manana. Before you know it manana turns into quince dias and it never happens. In fact, when you hear the words “quince dias”, you are are not actually being told fifteen days, what they are really saying is, who knows, don't hold your breath, good luck.

My husbands found starving dog was confiscated from our hired men today by the animal’s former owner. Feeding your dog seems to be a foreign concept to many folks. Just two weeks ago this animal could not lift its head off the ground because her owner did not feed her and left her to die. Phil did not think she would live until the sun came up when he found her. Now that she has had a proper diet for two weeks, they claimed her, and took her. Perhaps we can buy her back. Pobrecita, poor little thing, hungry again tonight. I have a difficult time with many things; animal cruelty is high up on that list. Once again, it is a good thing no one can understand me.

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