Friday, November 10, 2006

The details of ordering the canoes that will accompany the container have been worked out. Now let’s hope that the delivery will be in time to go on the container before it departs

Nothing is ever cut and dry. Why is it taking so long to execute the plan? It is like trolling with barbed wire. The barbs keep snaging on to everything possible as we drag along. Fortunatly the canoes will go in the container last as they could be easily crushed. We are the packers so the responsibility is all on us. I have seen the damage done by professonal movers. It is a sin that others call themselves professonals. You do not need them to move, so save your money, and perhaps the life of your stuff. Hire the most reputable broker. We use the Puerto Limon Agency and would never consider anyone else. Our shipments are extreme, but successful with their help. Successful shipping is not just about what you know, but who you know. You are intrusting the contents of your life to total strangers. Do so with confidence, call Mike and Xinia Rose at Puerto Limon Agency. Tell them Ginnee and Phil sent you. The Puerto Limon Agency was recommended to us and we are happy to share with you that we chose them over all of the other recommendations. It was the best choice we could have made. Moving to another country is a huge decision, who will move you is an equally big decision.

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