Friday, February 02, 2007

The son of our caretaker, Mauricio lost his leg in an accident. This morning he came to the house because his foot fell off the prosthetic device (a wooden leg). Phil is performing surgery on it trying to back out the broken pin and then reattach the foot.
This was an opportunity for me to get a better look at the device which I have wanted to do but did not want to ask for a closer look. Now that I have seen what he has, I am sure that he could do better. I think this is an old, outdated, used leg as Mauricio has had it only a short time and it is falling apart. I am sure he is thankful for a device, but this is just two steps up from a peg leg. It does let him get around, but under mountainous jungle conditions, he is not, in my opinion, fully functional.
If you know of anyone who can help Mauricio with a more efficient leg that would better serve him, please ask them to contact me at

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