Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We went on a day trip to Volcan Turrialba this weekend in our new 1989, 200,000+ miles on it Isuzu Rodeo 4 x 4. What a car, we made it up and back down with no problem as we passed cars, trucks and even a brand new Toyota 4 x 4, diesel, crew cab, boiling over. When I say we passed them, it was in 1st gear and they were not moving. This drive is torture on a vehicle and it's driver. We now have a new appreciation for our Rodeo.

The farm land on the sides on the volcano are lovely with rich soil, potatoes, cabbage, cows and lilies. The road is vertical and a switchback style. At times I thought I may have been in the Smoky Mountains or even New Hampshire. It has been usually dry this dry season and the dust was thick as we climbed. You can walk down to the smoldering crevice but I thought it looked uninviting and like the face of the moon. The little clouds you see are smoke/poisonous gas rising up. There is an outhouse at the top, but you will only want to use it if you are desperate. The weekly newspaper is hanging inside to be used as toilet paper, seat liner or both.

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Bobby said...

My wife and I Ming Wei Koh met anf fell in Love at Jeff's Farm in Red Boiling Springs! We Love Jeff and the whole Biodynamic Gang!
Bobby and Ming Wei in Hawaii!!!!